What’s Your Design Style?

If you haven’t worked with an interior designer before you may feel a little apprehensive. There is no need to be. Your designer understands the process and will lead you through it, from initial selections to the final reveal. They will want to discuss your design style and can help you narrow down the choices. Take our Decorating Den Style Quiz to figure out yours.

Answer the questions below keeping note of your responses: A, B, or C.

What is your favorite time of day?

  1. Late afternoon when the shadows lengthen.
  2. Early morning when the sunlight sparkles and the air is crystal clear.
  3. Any time after 10:00 pm.
What are your favorite colors?

  1. Lively but soft blues, green and gold.
  2. Warm, subdued earth tones.
  3. Black, white and beige. Bright colors.
Which fabrics do you like the look and feel of?

  1. Silks and satin, damask and chintz, or anything smooth to the touch.
  2. Linens, tweed, wool. Hand woven fabrics.
  3. Boldly textured materials, and conversely sleek, shiny surface.
What type of party are you likely to plan when celebrating something big?

  1. A festive sit-down dinner for 6-8 people.
  2. A relaxed backyard barbecue for friends, family and neighbors.
  3. A simple midnight supper after an evening of ballet.
What type of flowers do you prefer?

  1. Tulips.
  2. Daisies.
  3. Orchids.
What type of furniture would you choose?

  1. Antiques and 18th Century reproductions.
  2. Estate sale finds and flea market bargains.
  3. Art Deco or contemporary.
When dressing for a night “on the town” what would you feel most comfortable wearing?

  1. A tailored dress and jacket.
  2. A loose-fitting skirt and unstructured jacket.
  3. A form-fitting dress in a fabric with sheen.
What type of scenic view would you prefer?

  1. A fountain sprayed garden.
  2. A lake with fields of flowers.
  3. A downtown city skyline.


Add up your A, B, or C’s then CLICK HERE to find out your design style.

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