How We Work

Pressley Design & Co brings over 30 years of unique, one-of-a-kind design to our clients. With our award-winning designers, there are no projects that are too big or too small. Whether you enjoy surrounding yourself with time honored traditional design, or modern, cutting edge couture, it’s our ultimate goal to design spaces that reflect your taste and lifestyle.  We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients to find the perfect design style and budget.


Full Service Interior Design

We bring many years of full service, interior design experience right to your home. Our qualified interior designers are equipped to help you determine the overall design, layout and products that work best for you. The majority of our meetings take place in your home where we can visualize a design solution within the colors and lighting of your surroundings.

We also have a beautiful studio where we make presentations or invite clients to view soft furnishings and fabrics. We’ll work with you to help visualize a design solution that aligns with your taste, space, and budget. Our personalized approach ensures that everything we recommend will fit perfectly with your expectations.

Interior Design Consultation

We know every project presents its own unique set of circumstances. After an initial phone conversation to discuss the basics of your project, we will set up an initial design consultation at your home. We will take the time necessary to help establish the scope of your project and the style you desire.

Most of our clients spend time making their homes neat and tidy but we would appreciate seeing your home in its natural state. Our interior designers will be interested in seeing any problem areas you need addressed such as storage or traffic flow. In Texas it is also important to control the light coming into your home to protect fabrics and flooring. We will be interested in everything!

What to Expect

Our first appointment will last about an hour as we get to know you and assess your lifestyle and design taste. Our designer will be asking questions to find out how you use your space, and who lives in the home. At this first meeting we will get to know each other and you will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss the timeline and budget, and talk about your expectations.

We will set up a second appointment, usually in two to three weeks, which gives our designers time to create a design plan, pull together the products for your home, and create a design presentation. On our next meeting we will present a variety of design and product options all personalized for you. We will work with you from the idea stage all the way through delivery and installation.

The Budget

People are often shy to discuss a budget but for both parties it is by far one of the most important aspects of your initial consultation. You may not know how much things cost and we can work with you to determine a budget that accomplishes your overall project goals.

You may choose to work on one room at a time or the entire home. The investment in your home will determine the products your interior decorator can include in the project. Fortunately, we have a vast array of home furnishings at different price points to help fit in your budget.

Call Pressley Design & Co to discuss your interior design needs (817) 249-5779 or contact us with more detail.