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Having a great home office designer is important for several reasons, as they can greatly enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and overall effectiveness of your home workspace.


Remote work isn’t going away—and executives know it.” That headline in the Harvard Business Review (August 2023) suggests that the demand for home office space will stay strong. For further evidence, consider this Fortune.com headline: “Smucker’s return-to-office plan is a full embrace of remote workers.”

Ask your home office designer to make a special effort when designing next to the front door.

Whether you’re transforming a cozy corner, revamping an unused bedroom, creating an office within a spacious multi-purpose area, or looking to make a bold statement, we offer a range of inspiring ideas and solutions.


The award-winning space below was a transformation of a guest bedroom into a gentleman’s casual home office with a masculine feel. Ivory hues contrast softly alongside bold black walls and well-lit functional bookshelves.

Hand-crafted accessories fill each shelf designed with organic stones from European artisans. Each is a great layering accent mixing in a multitude of interior styles. This space emits a casual elegance, making it rooted in true curb appeal.

Our amazing home office designers created the perfect space for a gentleman that wanted a dark moody, masculine look.


The home office below is a dramatic colorful change from the previous homeowners’ dark brown walls. It was “love at first sight” when the client saw the Garden Party mural. Two sophisticated chairs in bold green velvet with a touch of luxurious gold legs add glam. To further dazzle the room and address the need for storage, two credenzas were added in dreamy white with soft golden champagne geometric overlays. Yes, your home office can be vibrant, playful and feminine.

How could you not be fired up for work entering this floral paradise. No home office has ever looked brighter!


The home office below is part of a basement transformation into a multiuse room. A Sputnik light fixture compensates for the lack of windows and adds interest with a sophisticated vibe. Modern metal and glass barn doors create separation from the rest of the room while still allowing maximum light into the office.

Our home office designers can help you make the best home office space, tailored to your needs.


If you only have a small niche to work with, utilize an open wall (below left) and if you love books make a statement (below right.) If you have a home library or a room with extensive bookshelves, you can incorporate a home office within this space using a desk and ergonomic chair that blend seamlessly with the surroundings.

Find a bare wall and make it your office space.


If you have frequent visitors, consider combining your home office with a guest room. Use a fold-out chair bed or a wall-mounted Murphy bed that can be easily concealed when guests leave. Ensure the room has comfortable sleeping arrangements and good lighting for work. One sleeping option for a short stay could be the chair shown below.

A comfortable armchair becomes a bed for a short term visitor.


Coordinating the aesthetics of your office with the entryway can be challenging. Balancing functionality, style, and welcoming design can be complicated. If your home office is also right there as you enter the home, consider making it a fabulous décor statement like the office below designed for a retired veteran.

Call your local home office designers for help with your home office.


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