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Bonnie Pressley has been helping me with interior design at my home since about 1990. Being with her is like shopping with a friend and she has become one. She is professional & allows her client to reflect their own style. Don’t forget that she has won many awards for her work. You will not find a designer that makes you as comfortable & happy as Bonnie does.

Bonnie Balch

Bonnie did a makeover on my living areas and kitchen, and it looks fabulous! She helped me choose paint colors and wallpaper, and made suggestions for drapes, rugs, and accessories! I never would have been able to pull all the colors and textures together as well as she did. It modernized the whole house and didn’t cost a fortune, as she worked with my current furniture as much as possible. Thanks, Bonnie! I love my new living space!


Paula, we were all at dinner last night talking about the room being all ready for football season!  Thank you for all you’ve done to make our room a reality!

Jamie. Arlington, TX

You certainly do make our dreams come true! We are fortunate to be the recipients of the results of your great talent. Thank you Bonnie!

Dianne. Denton, TX

Your program was so well received by our ladies.  They were impressed with your slides of “before and afters”, but I think they really enjoyed being able to see and feel the various fabrics.  A great all-around presentation!

Wanda. Fort Worth, TX

All of the Interior Decorating Department wishes to thank you for the program you presented showing examples of beautifully decorated spaces.  Best regards.

Eva. Fort Worth, TX

Bonnie, Happy New Year! We me made it through the holidays & are thoroughly enjoying our new rooms, thanks to you!  The bedroom feels so much better than I ever imagined.  Have a blessed, joyous new year!

Kelly. Arlington, TX

Bonnie, thank you so much for all of your help.  It was fun working with you again, and I can hardly wait to see all of our “fabulous” fabrics and choices! Seriously, I feel much better knowing I’m in good hands.

Dianne. Denton, TX

Thank you very much for all of your guidance in remodeling the teacher’s lounge.  It looks fantastic & will be enjoyed for years to come.  It has been a pleasure working with you and if ever I hear of someone in need of a great designer, I will know where to send them.

Kim. Fort Worth, TX

Bonnie, thank you so much for the time, effort, and your expertise in the project of updating our home.  We love the new look!  If we have a future decorating task, we will definitely give you a call.  Again, thanks!

Dee. Fort Worth, TX

Bonnie, one of the many blessings in my life from this past year has been getting to know you.  You did a beautiful job of making my “parlor” and study complete.  I am so pleased!

Christine. Benbrook, TX

Congratulations Bonnie on all your business awards!  Much deserved!  We are enjoying our “new” home, and truly appreciate all the ways you helped us make it special!

Jane. Fort Worth, TX

Thanks so much!  Everyone really likes the pictures! Paula, you really did a bang-up job of updating our old place!

Dee. Fort Worth, TX

Dale & I always enjoy working with such a professional business.  Bonnie, we love the new, fresh look!

Dorothy. Aledo, TX

Bonnie, thanks so much for all your help.  The new addition looks wonderful!  I know our guests will be fighting to stay in the comfortable and beautiful space!

Ellen. Arlington, TX

My room is so beautiful; makes me cry! Thank you Paula for being such a great decorating partner, you’re the best!

Gail. Granbury, TX

Paula, thank you so much for making my home a place to feel so warm!

Patty. Benbrook, TX

Carrie handled my entire house project from top to bottom–over seeing every design choice!  She made my house look exactly like my style and I love all the extra effort and detail she put into our home!

April. Benbrook, TX

Paula, thank you so much for making my living room complete!  It’s so cozy and we love spending family time in such a warm and cozy space.  You were a pleasure to work with, thank you for making me feel confident in the decisions we made.  I really hope we get another opportunity to work together again!

Veronica. Fort Worth, TX

Paula, I absolutely love everything y’all did today.  I seriously don’t know if I will ever leave this room!

Suzanne. Fort Worth, TX

Desiring our new home to reflect a timeless design, we hired Paula from Bonnie Pressley & Associates.  Decorating Den’s design studio offers a complete service with warm, friendly professional staff.  Especially appreciative of the immediate response and impact on our new home.  Design decisions can be intimidating, recommending Pressley & Associates for your projects.  Successfully completing our master bedroom design within budget and as promised by deadline.

Jimmy. Fort Worth, TX

I would highly recommend Decorating Den Interiors-Pressley & Associates!  My husband and I worked with Paula and were very pleased with the end results.  She listened to our needs and thoughts and was very easy to work with.  She turned our new house into a beautiful, welcoming home!

Pat. Denton, TX

Paula, it has been a pleasure to work with you.  You have transformed these once off-white, bare walls and empty rooms into our beautiful home.  You saved me time and money by selecting furniture, rugs, drapes and accessories that “spoke to me”!  Nothing will compare to the feeling I got when those anticipated final reveals took place.  Your staff and support services were very reliable and talented as well.  I will be forever grateful for your expertise and warm and friendly guidance throughout the past 7 months.  Best of luck in all you do!

Linda. Fort Worth, TX

I don’t know how I can begin to thank you.  I can’t believe how beautiful it looks.  I appreciate what you did for me.  I will always be grateful.  Thank you Paula.

Susan. Denton, TX