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Outdoor Rooms: Living Outside

Once again, Canadian magazine Arabella has included Pressley Design Co in their June 2020 article, “Outdoor Rooms and Pools.” Arabella is Canada’s top art, architecture and design magazine.

See this award winning outdoor space showcased by Pressley Design Co here in a Case Study.

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Multiple Awards for Design Team

They weren’t together, they were on Zoom instead. Interior designers from America and Canada came together for the ultimate award session at the 51st Annual Decorating Den Interiors Conference. It was different and lots of fun.

Pressley Design & Co were honored with four company awards this year.

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Positive Thinker Award

Cindy May, our treasured administrator was honored with the Chairman’s Positive Thinker Award at the annual international conference. Due to Covid19 closures, the award was presented during a company-wide video conference involving more than 250 interior design professionals.

The Positive Thinker Award was started by the company’s late chairman, James S. Bugg, Sr., who constantly said: “Any sales organization needs a core of positive thinkers.” Each year, he selected a few people who “had stood out as examples of having a great attitude, which is the foundation of any successful business.”

Paula Esterline published in Arabella magazine

Published in Arabella

Paula Esterline (left) of Pressley Design & Co had her beautiful design work included in  Arabella, a leading-edge art, architecture and design magazine. The Canadian magazine published The Family Room in their April 2020 issue.

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