2023 Blogs in Review

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If your New Year’s Resolution is to finally start that decorating project you’ve been procrastinating about, our present to you is this review of the latest ideas and tips we offered here during the past 12 months. There were new and classic uses of color and furnishings along with two styles to become acquainted with, and ideas for doing good with design. Read about our 2023 blogs in review.


Sherwin- Williams introduced four new color palettes for 2023, each using existing SW palettes. The story behind each new palette emphasizes how interior decorating affects mental health along with the important role colors plays by moving us, setting a mood and creating a conversation.


The palette called Lore is inspired by “the call to create that is woven into the fiber of our being, present in the very air we breathe, binding us together in a community of makers that spans centuries and crosses cultures.” Lore’s colors are Wallflower, Studio Mauve, Carnelian, Toile Red, Serape, Dhurrie Beige, Pediment, Mineral Gray, Blue Peacock, and Nugget.

To review more about Lore, and to discover Origin, Biome and Nexus, click here.

Find out more about the Lore paint collection from Sherwin Williams as you see our 2023 blogs in review.



Speaking of color, we reminded readers about the art of designing with black for sophistication and elegance. Black can make for a dramatic accent in a room. Walking into a room with black used just right can create the same feeling as making an entrance in just the right black attire. Click here for more.

Read our October blog: Embracing the Timeless Elegance of Black.



We also introduced you to two new design styles becoming more popular: Hellenistic and Hygge. If you are looking for a fantastical look for a room, drawing from the Hellenistic period might tickle your fancy. It incorporates ancient Greece aesthetic elements into current décor to create a design that pays respect to this period of history. It incorporates classic elements and infuses them into an aesthetic that won’t leave your home looking dated. Go back in time while combining modern components that make the design seem warm and strange. Statues and patterns create a bridge with heritage and give us an imaginative space that feels relaxing. This trend combines the best of nostalgic design with Greek opulence. For more on Hellenistic style, click here.

2023 blogs in review: Learn about Hellenistic design, part of our history.

If Hellenistic is about the visual, the Hygge design style is about the soul, the inner you. “Hygge” (pronounced hyoo-guh), is a Danish term that encapsulates a design philosophy rooted in fostering contentment and overall well-being through thoughtful space planning and decoration. Foundational elements are furnishings that make you feel at ease. Mood is set by the right kind of illumination such as candles, and scents. Greenery, plants, and other elements of nature add to a sense of tranquility and connection to the outdoors. Learn more here.

Surrounded by a favorite rug and drinking cocoa complements the Hygge design style.

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