Custom closets are a winning choice

Your home is a reflection of your inner self. You’ve heard the expression, “Cluttered home, cluttered mind.” As so many of us are spending more time at home, an organized and uncluttered environment that fosters order and tranquility has never been more important, because now our homes play so many roles – office, school and sanctuary as well as just a place to live.

An organized home has many benefits, including reducing stress, improving health and well-being and promoting creativity and productivity. Just as a cluttered home can cause constant, low-level stress, one that is orderly and tranquil can help relieve that stress. Imagine walking through your front door and feeling as if you’ve entered a sanctuary. An organized home also saves you time, money and other valuable resources.

So where do you begin? The best answer is to start with custom-made closets.

The Benefits of Custom-Made Closets

Your current home may be built with ample closet space, or you may inhabit an apartment that is woefully lacking in places to store your stuff. Many older homes have no closets at all, because at the time they were built, many people didn’t own a lot of clothing so there was no real need for storage. What few items they did have were usually placed in a trunk or chest of drawers, hung on a hook on a wall, or stored in freestanding furniture, such as a wardrobe or an armoire.

Regardless of whether you have lots of storage space or practically none, nothing beats having the perfect closets, large or small, to suit your lifestyle and unclutter your life. There are many benefits of tailoring your storage space to your particular needs and expectations.

  • Organization: A good design will incorporate your specific needs. You may require extra space for shoes, or higher racks to accommodate evening gowns. Even the size of your handbag collection should be taken into account. All of this makes it easier to organize and have easy access to what you are looking for.
  • Efficiency: The closet should fit your lifestyle rather than the other way around, factoring in your routine and habits. For example, you may want a place to sit, see yourself fully in the mirror, or watch TV while you’re getting dressed.
  • Personalized Design: You can design your closet based on your possessions, such as a rack for summer hats, a shelf for watches and jewelry or a spot for your collection of in-line skates or workout gear.
  • Compatibility with Your Home Décor: Your closets should fit in with the design of your home, and reflect your personality and tastes. You may want it to match your room’s paint color and trim, or even the style or color of your furniture.
  • Durability: You can choose the strongest, commercial grade materials and furniture-quality components that are designed to last a lifetime. If you are environmentally conscious, you can even opt for doors and drawers made from recycled or reclaimed wood, or paneling that meets rigorous emission standards.
  • Lighting: You can customize your own lighting, incorporating natural light and choosing artificial sources that won’t bleach out your clothes and accessories.
  • Maximization: Custom closets are a great way to maximize your existing space. The layout of your room should be taken into consideration to provide the storage you need without taking up unnecessary space.

Closets are Not Just for Clothes

In your quest for an uncluttered, organized environment, you may want to consider custom closets and systems in every area of your home. Here are some examples for inspiration:

Master Suites – Walk-in Closets
Practically everyone fantasizes about a walk-in closet While a walk-in closet can be added to any room in the house, it is the gold standard for the master bedroom. It can serve as a dressing room or a peaceful refuge where you can comfortably begin and each day. A well-designed walk-in closet can fulfill everything on your wish list.

First and foremost, it should serve as a storage place for clothing and accessories, keeping your items organized and accessible, which can also save you a lot of time. It should have lots of hanging space for your clothes to be visible and within reach, and drawers for lingerie and other personal items. Good LED lighting and ventilation are a necessity. Custom options can include jewelry drawers, baskets, pull-out hampers and shoe cubbies. For a luxurious feel, you can add accent lighting, a triple view mirror, fabulous wallpaper and gorgeous hardware. Beyond that, your custom walk-in closet is limited only by your imagination.

Children’s Rooms
Kids grow up quickly, so it’s important to design a closet that can adapt over time as toddlers become teenagers. The ultimate kids’ closet allows for everything to be within reach while maintaining organization. Children require different types of storage depending on their age, so a combination of fixed and adjustable shelves will help accommodate items such as bigger shoes and more sports gear, especially as kids accumulate more stuff as they get older. Cubbies and pull-out baskets are particularly useful. And don’t forget to make room for the toys.

Pantry Systems
The pantry should never be overlooked – it’s the busiest hub of most homes. Whether you’re a serious chef or are happy reheating leftovers, an uncluttered kitchen and pantry will help you stay organized. Upgrading an existing space into one that is functional will make life easier for you and your family, save you time and reduce food waste. Here are a few tips for creating the customized pantry of your dreams:

  • Pull-out shelves for easy access to spices and other items
  • Tiered shelves to keep cooking tools accessible
  • Adjustable shelves to maximize the use of space
  • Bulk storage bins
  • LED lighting for dimly lit corners
  • Wine racks and stemware holders
  • Shelf dividers for pots and pans
  • Separate storage cabinets for cleaning items
  • Pet food storage
  • Bins for recycling

Laundry and Mud Rooms
Because laundry and mud rooms are usually located at a house’s rear entrance, they are often used as the primary entrance for friends and family. In addition to making an attractive first impression, you will be happier if this area is neat and organized, especially during the winter months when cold-weather clothing and gear tend to pile up. There are many options for making this valuable space a model of efficiency and functionality.

Options for customized laundry and mud rooms include shelving, cabinetry, bins, cubbies, lockers, shoe closets, hooks, and benches for sitting while putting on or taking off boots. By using attractive finishes, creative lighting, great colors and attractive flooring, you can transform this often neglected space into one that really works for you and your home.

Home Office Solutions
With so many of us now working from home, a separate space that is comfortable, private and quiet is a priority. No matter the size of your space, from an entire room to a carved-out niche on the stairway landing, custom storage and organization systems can help with your productivity and ability to function.

Solutions to home office space management include custom cabinets and shelving, cubbies and binds, wire management, closets and filing drawers designed for your specific needs and tastes. And don’t forget the need to make it Zoom-worthy, so fill it with beautiful colors, finishes, furniture and accessories.

Garage Storage
A garage tends to be the place where everything gets stashed, mostly because it’s largely out of sight. This can lead to a constant, inconvenient mess. Think of how much time you will save by keeping your work tools, sports gear, garden accessories and other equipment organized.

Solutions include custom wall cabinets, shelving of all kinds, countertops, bins, baskets and closets. You can maximum this extra space with the creative use of organizers that address your specific needs.

Are Custom-Made Cabinets Worth the Investment?

The answer is a resounding yes! You will get exactly what you want, which includes a design that blends with your taste and existing interior décor. They are the perfect solution to uniquely configured spaces, such as sloping roofs, and small spaces, where every inch counts. Custom solutions are made from premium quality materials and are more durable, lasting as long as you live in your home.

Customized closets are one of the best investments you can make in your home. They will increase your home’s aesthetic appeal as well as its value. With the right design – and designer – you will be able to recoup as much as 85 – 100% of their cost.


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