Brand New Bedroom Suite

Our client had downsized and moved into a new townhouse, and after the recent loss of her husband needed a real change.  Bonnie selected light neutral woods and natural  linens for the furnishings. Our client loves blue and sunflowers, so using golds and yellows for the accents warmed up the “blue” room. We love the writing desk, covered in gray leather, so it became a perfect bedside piece instead of another chest.

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Designer Credits: Bonnie Pressley. DDCD, Allied ASID

Project Overview:

Bonnie encouraged our client to change from her all white furniture to light neutral woods and natural linen details. We selected the luxury bed in a restful taupe tone. Since she loves blue, it would become our peaceful and fresh color scheme. She also loves sunflowers, so a touch of yellow warmed up the blues and grays. Accents included the gold framed mirrors and a mixture of golds and silver in the lighting.

Brand New Bedroom Suite