Front Courtyard

Dream Room Winner

2nd Place Winner
Outdoor Category

Location: Fort Worth

Designer Credits: Bonnie Pressley. DDCD, Allied ASID

Project Overview:

Our client wanted to create a cozy, well protected and secure courtyard at the front of her new Spanish Colonial home. She wanted a dining area along with a comfortable conversation area. A water feature was also on her must-have list.

Front Courtyard

Issues Addressed

Since this was a new home, we were able to create the design exactly as we wanted. But making sure it had an “older garden-courtyard” feel was the challenge. The large arched iron gates at the entry is the only area which allows for visitors to see into the courtyard, which was of some concern.

Pressley Solutions

The size of our courtyard had been pre-determined when we worked with the architect on the home design. It is approximately 23′ X 13. Sarah wanted to seat up to 4 in comfortable seating and include an area for dining. As for the concern of privacy at the iron gates, a visitor would have to be right at the gate to see into the courtyard. But with a 6′ wall surrounding the rest of the perimeter, this is of little concern now. Since she has 3 dogs, space at the outside end of the courtyard needed to be a walkway...then to be gated off for additional security for the dogs. We had already determined the home would be white stucco and Mediterranean blue for the exterior door trim. I then chose the broken clay tile for the flooring…rustic, classic and durable for exterior use. Sarah already owned the table and chairs so we had new cushions made along with an umbrella, all in clay tones.

Our chairs and settee were chosen for their soft Spanish lines. The outdoor fabrics are all easy care and durable. The water feature was added at the end of the courtyard along with the lush plantings for that “mature” garden feel. Our client LOVES her private courtyard, alongside her three little 4-legged companions!