An old-fashioned Christmas

With this year’s Christmas season a little different than last year’s, we need to emphasize joy and the decoration of our homes more than ever. Just because the guest list may be smaller, having a well-decorated living room for Christmas is the extra pinch of spirit we need.

We’re happy to help you and your loved ones find that spirit by giving some festive recommendations.

Appreciate the “Good Old Times”

This year is the perfect time to let nostalgia take over the Christmas decorations as we reminisce about more cheerful times. Let it be the most important thing you do this year! Consider placing ornaments like the Raz Retro Animated TV decoration in the tiny spaces that normally don’t get love. This would go somewhere like the end table next to a holiday-scented candle.

Here’s a flashback to the past with a list of other perfect nostalgic decorations:

retro christmas decorationsThe Paper Store’s table top Ceramic Christmas Tree with lights

Nothing says you’re an 80s baby like these medium-sized ceramic Christmas trees with slightly dull but warm light-up bulbs. These go perfectly in the corners of the kitchen on the counter space. If you’re looking for somewhere in the living room, think lower than eye level but not on the ground. End tables can be a great suggestion but only if there’s not a lot of clutter on them as these pieces are meant to draw your eye.

Popcorn string garland

This can be a great DIY project, especially if there are children around. Popcorn as a holiday decoration became particularly popular in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries because the inexpensive snack food was seen as a festive, fun treat, particularly by young people. Around Christmastime, Victorian revelers would use popcorn to spruce up their mantelpieces, doorways and evergreens. Use fishing line or dental floss, thread with popcorn then spray with a festive color.

silver bells christmas wreathWilliam Sonoma Jingle Bell Wreath

The great thing about a wreath made of ornaments is that it can go just about anywhere. This year ditch the traditional green wreath with the red bow and go for this stunning ornament-made wreath from William-Sonoma and hang it somewhere new. They don’t always have to go on the door outside. Try placing it above the mantle, above the couch, or anywhere along a wall that can act as art. This type of wreath makes a wonderful addition to your inside decoration.

Tip: The size matters! If you plan to hang a wreath on a big empty wall, a small one won’t do. It will look out of place because the scale will be wrong. However, if you hang a large wreath centered over the sofa a few feet up on the wall, that will look much better. The opposite can be said. Oversize it great but only if it fits. Oversize in tiny spaces can sometimes look cluttered and out of place.

Go for something different

Just because we have our retro Christmas decorations that bring out great childhood memories, it doesn’t mean we can’t try something new. Green and red will always be the traditional colors of Christmas. This year however do something different by bringing in navy blues and silver. Think Winter Wonderland theme. Depending on the tones of your living room, blue and silver can give you a gorgeous theme.

Something that can easily be tied in with the navy and silvers is a Christmas or winter theme lamp shade. Most people won’t think of replacing their lampshades but once you give it a try you can see how it changes the room.

A blue CHristmas

Nothing says Christmas feast like an oversized Poinsettia table piece to tie in more nostalgia. Choose a platinum painted poinsettia with hints of the navy to go with your color scheme. If you’re having trouble finding the right color, buy a fake one and spray paint it yourself. It can be a fun DIY project.

Oversized Everywhere

This year it’s “go big or go home!” Oversized blankets dripping off the couches and chairs for your family to wrap up in while opening presents. Think big decorations like hanging stars from the living room window to light up in the night. This is something for both those inside and outside to enjoy.

Inspirational words with a twist

Lastly, reading inspirational words for the holidays is always an easy reminder for everyone to appreciate what Christmas is really about. Joy. Family. Togetherness. These are all traditional phrases and suit our Christmas of the past. Or opt for something different go for a sign hung above the TV that read’s “This Way for the Moose Munch!”

Sparkles and jewels

Think Kate Spade without the pinks and pretty pastels. This year all things that sparkle and glimmer are a huge hit. A lovely, multi-piece decoration set is the ever-popular cone trees. Each one in the set usually differs in height to emulate an actual forest. What makes these items so popular is they’re usually decorated in fun sparkles or jewels. It’s like the adult version of bedazzling.  These sit beautifully alongside the fireplace, on an entry table, or as a long centerpiece on the dining room table.

Tie it all in

Lastly, find a way to tie it all together. You can do oversized decorations, pick the right colors, have sparkle, and say the right things. Themes make it easy to play off each element.

But the last piece of advice is to add hundreds of bows. Especially red bowties for the Christmas season. Bowties fall under timeless and nostalgia. They don’t need to be reserved just for presents as you can use beautiful seasonal ties to pull back draperies. Add bows to your Christmas tree, the bushes at the front of your home, and added into garland down the stairs.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy Christmas as we look towards a positive start to 2021

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