Contemporary Design

What is Contemporary Design?

You will like decorating with Contemporary Style if you like clean lines, minimalist spaces where the empty space is as important as the furniture within it. Some say contemporary design is a cold approach to design but the trick is to punctuate the minimalism with items of interest or color.

According to Architectural Digest, “contemporary interior design is known for sleek surfaces, crisp furnishings, and cutting-edge art. While the style has gotten a bad wrap in the past for being cold and impersonal, more and more modern spaces balance warmth and minimalism for a fresh and dazzling effect.”

If the stark lines are softened with neutral accessories, textured fabrics and comfortable rugs, many might lean towards this distinctive design style.

French Contemporary

The French have their own version of contemporary, pairing their beautifully detailed apartments with contemporary furniture. The French have a flair for balancing sophistication with effortless style, creating spellbinding spaces.

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